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Before moving to England from Israel a decade ago, I was managing large events for big companies in the corporate world. During my time working with these large corporations, I learnt an incredible amount about customer service, relationships and connection, as well as the importance of humanity and warmth in everything and anything.

When we moved to England, I began to focus on my creative side and my love for design. For five years, I owned and operated my own colourful, quirky home design shop, "Shirleyz". During this period I continued to develop my knowledge and understanding of aesthetics and design as well as how to manage my own business. Yet, I knew that, with all this experience, I could create something more unique, something even more special.

So, when I finally came up with the concept of Thelondonit, I knew it was perfect for me. My inspiration and passion to create Thelondonit came from years of loving and exploring London and over time, I discovered more and more hidden spots and chic corners in the Capital. I plucked inspiration from each beautiful place that I visited, and once I had compiled a collection, I sewed these locations together, refining them into a range of magical boutique walks all for you to enjoy. 

See you soon,

Shirley, Thelondonit.


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